Friday 27 May 2016

Prime & Set Favourites

Good Morning Blogettes!

There are so many products hitting the shelves to help us achieve a longer lasting face of make-up but are we ever able to narrow down the best performing?

But what really is a primer? Primers are a product that are well used across the beauty industry and beauty gurus have also found home alternatives that have sent make-up lovers crazy. For example, 'NikkieTutorials' discovered that the men's 'Nivea Post Shave Balm' makes an incredible primer that is now being used by many case you're wondering, the Nivea balm features in today's post!

Whether you are wanting a dewy, glowy or matte finish, there is a primer for almost all desires but it's all about finding the best product for your skin type and what you love on your skin. I am still yet to purchase some well known, amazing quality prepping moisturisers and primers but that's for another future post...let's get back to the present; I have picked out some of my current priming and setting favourites that I like to use that keep my make-up set and fresh for the days events.

Lets talk Primers

Stila One Step Correct is a correcting and brightening serum that can also be used to prep the face for make-up or can be worn alone for a fresh, natural look. I discovered this product from the YouTuber Shaaanxo and after all her good first impression, I had to of course buy it. I didn't have any correcting products at the time so I thought as it was my first encounter with correcting products, that it would be an easy way to learn about using correcting serums. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
The product is so perfectly creamy and weightless on the skin, it feels like nothing but looks so incredibly fresh and glowy. On days when you're really not feeling a full face, this is the perfect product to achieve a luminous, pure look. I adore what the product actually looks like in the packaging and the combination of elements your skin needs. The green tone neutralises redness including concealing blemishes, the lavender colour balances out yellow undertones for a more energised appearance and the peach tone is the luminising and brightening tone that everyone loves. I also think this product is perfect for any skin type but especially for oily skin because it controls and moisturises the skins natural texture. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

If you are unaware of this trend then you may think this is completely bonkers but believe me, the hype over this is unreal. The reason Primers work and how they help make-up stay on the skin so effectively is because of the Glycerin inside the product. The balm contains a lot of this Glycerin which is why it tops most primers and why people are featuring this on social media. Even though I knew about this, it took me a while to actually try it for myself but after discovering it in my dads toiletry bag (sorry dad, it's mine now) I can rely on this to create a flawless base for my make-up which lasts all day long, even in the warmest of temperatures.

Although I am not the biggest fan of a matte finish anymore, when my skin is feeling particularly oily, I like to use this Primer to counterbalance the oils. With the Infallible foundation, the combination of the two create such a flawless matte finish and is so full coverage, sometimes it's nice to have the option when it comes to the type of finish depending on your skin. This is another perfect product for oily skin types and due to it's silicone like formula, it feels so weightless and light on the skin which I love.

Let's talk Setting Sprays 

Setting Sprays are a god send when it comes to long lasting make-up and locking in the products. As with Primers, there are many on the market for several different finishes and several different prices. You don't necessarily have to use the same primer and setting spray together because it's all about finding your favourite products that work on your skin, on your make-up.

It was only recently that I tried this very well known setting spray because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to commit to buying the full sized bottle. I was given this as a complimentary gift when I purchased the 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' palette, it is the travel sized version so I knew if I didn't like it then it wouldn't be so much of a waste or I could give it to someone else to try.

I know for sure that I will be getting my hands on the full sized product because I absolutley love the way it sets and finishes my make-up. It definitley does exactly what it says and leaves a beautiful, dewy finish to your skin; It also feels amazignly refreshing after you've just applied an hours work to your face (or more in my case but lets just not talk about that).

 L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist

This is the partner in crime to the L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer so yes, it's a matte finish. Again, if you are wanting a matte finish then this is perfect for achieving that; the infallible range is incredible for those with oily skin because the matte products help to minimize the oils. This setting spray is well within most peoples budget so it's perfect for a beginners make-up kit. (FYI please let me know if you want me to do a beginners guide to make-up series because I literally just had a huge brain wave).

So there you go! Doesn't it just make you wonder how make-up has evolved and how different products enhance different features...cray right?!

I hope you have a shamazing Friday fellow blogettes and I'll be back soon.